Wooden Velomobiles (Overview)

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Published on February 16 2013
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Homebuilt Velos - Wood

Feb 16, 2013 - The Homebuilt Velomobiles - Wood list page.

I think that of all of the different materials that can be used to make a velomobile, wood is, to me, the bravest choice to make. Although the finished product is absolutely beautiful, the material itself seems more intimidating to create with. Maybe that is because "wood" means "hand-crafted" to me, while fiberglass for example seems to be more of a process than a skill. Just a mental impression, but one that sticks with me. Often people look at a fiberglass velomobile and are impressed with the appearance, but make the same shape in wood and the reaction is more like religious reverence for it.

Wooden projects

Friend Wood's two velomobiles (WoodVM Mk1) and (WoodVM Mk2) are beautiful examples of hand-craftsmanship. He has also built an incredibly efficient wooden car as well. He doesn't appear to have a dedicated website for his projects, but pictures and stories about them can be found in many locations. One source for photos of the WoodVM Mk2 is at the Google photosite of Ian Fardo.

Bill Pocock's (EcoRocket) tandem was used for a cross-Canada trip in 2007 and was built over a TerraTrike tandem. He is an artist living in Seguin, Ontario, Canada. There is a website dedicated to the trip that the velomobile was built for [that also covers the velomobile build] at: Econauts. Bill also has a personal website of his own that covers his art but no velomobile information at: BillPocock.

Titus van den Brink does have an active website for his (Plywood Velo) project. In 1992, Titus spent time with Flevobike helping modify the Bart Verhees design of the original Alleweder. His website is located at: PlywoodVelomobile.

Veikko Rantanen, a builder from Finland, built a delta velomobile in the early 1980s. Many pictures are available at: Veikko

Nico van Baar of Akersloot, Netherlands is the builder of a beautiful cedar strip Quest clone. Contrary to what some may believe (possibly because it just looks too good), this is really wood construction. There are some stock Quest fiberglass pieces inside such as the wheelwells, but the body itself is totally cedar strip construction. Although pictures exist in many places on the web, there doesn't appear to be a dedicated website for it.

Terry has recently made his first two wooden velomobiles using different construction methods. No single website yet displays his creations (he promises to have one soon), but there are some pictures available on BROL.

For a final wooden "homebuilt" one must look at the Jay Nelson designed (Golden Gate) for outstanding weirdness. Not really a velomobile nor even a bike as it is meant to travel using only electric power, but I had to include it just for the oddness factor. See pictures at: GoldenGate.