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Published on February 20 2013
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Homebuilt Velos - Plastic (foam)

Feb 16, 2013 - The Homebuilt Velomobiles - Plastic (foam) list page.

The orginator of this method of velomobile construction was John Tetz. The plastic foam is basically heat-molded to its final shape. The foam is very light, and damage resistant. It needs an underlying structure of some sort for basic support, it can not act as a monocoque shell on its own.

Plastic (Plastizote foam) projects

John Tetz's Zote foam velomobile project and Zote forming manual are available at: Recumbents.com/mars.

Dan's Liberty Velomobiles (SL Tour) and (SL Rover) project can be found at: EV-Liberty.

Ron Courtney's (Tripod) is one project I have found little online documentation for so far.