Past and Historical Velomobiles

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Published on February 21 2013
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Past and Historical Velomobiles


This is just an initial placeholder for an introduction of the many historical velomobiles that have existed. By "historical" I mean every production velomobile that is no longer produced. Homebuilt and very-low production velomobiles are listed in the Homebuilt section.

Some of the velomobiles that will end up here soonest will be those that were produced by currently operating companies and have just been replaced with newer velomobiles.

Alligt Alleweder a3

Alligt Alleweder a5


Flevobike Alleweder a2

Flevobike C-Alleweder (Limit)

Flevobike Versatile


Go-One Go-One2

Go-One Go-One3

Go-One Evolution

Go-One Evo-R


Trisled Sorceror Aurora Borealis V1 Borealis V2


Later models should include:


Cyclodynamics Cyclodyne


Greenspeed Glyde