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Published on February 07 2013
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VelomobileUSA is a small company based in Midland, TX originally set up to manufacture and sell the FAW+ velomobile. The owner, David Eggleston, decided he wished to produce his own velomobiles so he eventually obtained the right to manufacture the Flevo Alleweder (FAW) in the US from Flevobike.

David bought an old example of the FAW in the Netherlands and had it shipped to the US, and being an engineer he began to find ways to improve the original. After much work that included redesigning the rear fork and bulkheads as well as digitizing the measurements of the entire body so that the panels could be cut on a computerized cutting table to ensure perfect copies every time, David ended up with the FAW+. The FAW+ is lighter and stronger than the original model, although visually it looks almost identical to the original at first glance.

In addition to being a manufacturer, VelomobileUSA was also a dealer of Alligt Alleweder a3 kits at one point, and currently is a listed dealer for assembled velomobiles from BlueVelo.

Part of the stated goal of VelomobileUSA is to actively work to increase the overall awareness and interest in velomobiles, not only as a way to grow the market for velomobiles in the US, but to also improve the health of both the people and planet.

VelomobileUSA can be reached at:

VelomobileUSA, LLC
1605 W Tennessee
Midland, TX 79701
Fax: (432) 570-4956
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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