Published on February 24 2013
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Jan 15, 2013 (updated) - The Production listpage. Aurora {1-100} Borealis {1-100} Milan Mk2 {1-100} Milan SL {1-100}


VelomobilesCA Aurora - This was the first velomobile produced by Steve Schleicher and has now been discontinued. See "Past" models for more information. Aurora; (photo from website) Borealis - The Borealis has had three production versions so far, and now while Steve is getting the Milan molds ready for production he has been making small incremental alterations to the Borealis that strengthen the shell and cover slight changes in the ICE trike. Borealis (photo from website) Milan Milan Mk2 - Steve is still getting his molds finished to his satisfaction. He has at least one working example already on the road for testing, and is expecting to be releasing ones to the public soon. MilanMk2  (photo from website)

VelomobilesCA Milan Milan SL - I don't believe that Steve has started work on the SL molds yet, so this Raderwerk designed model may still be a year or so away from production. MilanSL  (photo from website) Velomobiles - Total Sold

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