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Jan 1, 2013 - We are a group of velomobile enthusiasts that wish to both promote velomobiles to the general public, as well as increase the knowledge of current velomobile owners.

We feel that one aspect of achieving this goal is to make information available in a centralized location [that would be here :)]. Another aspect of this goal is to facilitate the creation of localized groups, as well as increase the communication of established groups, that can promote velomobiles in their own areas.


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  • When you email, please include an appropriate title to your message so that it can be handled quickly and appropriately.
  • Messages with obscure titles may be passed over until time permits.
  • Messages with attachments will be immediately trashed without reading the email unless we have previously approved the attachments.


Velomobile owners or manufacturers that wish to add content, or start a group can contact us through the Velo-Circus Forum.


In the meantime, please forward corrections, and additions that you feel would make the site more useful and complete. I am hoping to create a long-term reference location, as well as something that we can turn to on a daily basis to "keep up" with what is happening.

It will be difficult to be able to make all of the connections to fill out the entire site myself (at least at any time all that soon), so I am requesting that readers send most of the information to the site via the forums. I plan to aggregate the appropriate information obtained through the forums and edit a larger, more easily read column about each topic. A sort of "edited Wiki" I guess. There is a lot of information on the web available, but it is almost impossible for newbies to really know whether what they read is accurate - we should be the ones to help make it clear.

This website was created on an Asus EeePC (10" screen) running Ubuntu Linux, and optimized for the Opera browser. It is also checked on Firefox and Chromium for anything that looks really odd. I do not use other operating systems (and rarely hook it up to a larger screen), so strange things may turn up on another systems. Feel free to contact me via the forum Velo-Circus Forum about the issue and I'll see what I can do, but if I can't reproduce the problem on my machine the solution may not be found. An alternative way to contact me is via the Bentrider Online messageboard and search out "airmoose"


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